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This site is my vehicle for sharing words, musings and images in my ebooks.


Ponder this . . .

ISBN: 9781310089053

Sixth Vortex

The Sixth Vortex

ISBN: 9781311656780



ISBN: 9781370326556


Rough Draft

ISBN: 9781370383979

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Ponder this . . . short reflections on life - has over 20,000 words and 140 images. This is a free* English language collection of my poetry and photo images from over five decades. The poems and stories are a sharing of musings, questions, reflections and lessons learned about living from my teens to these current senior years. I share my joys, reflections and my stumbles experienced through changes in partnerships, careers, goals, geography, and the many adventures encountered along the way to now. This collection is from my journals and files gathered during this varied journey. The images presented are merely suggestions of the mood or experience of the writing, and are not intended as a pictorical history.

The Sixth Vortex is about the fictional discovery of a new energy vortex site near Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is known world wide for the acclaimed healing effects of the five known vortex sites in the region. Derrick who discovered the sixth vortex site, and his friend Robin, craft a book to announce this significant discovery to the world. The story weaves intrigue, science, paranormal healing references, and a smattering of romance and humor into the story thread. If successfully told, you may be left with both answers and questions on several levels.

Reflections - Do you see what you think you see? This eBook is a collection of photo images, poetry and information about the emotional opportunities as well as the physical aspects of reflected light properties that the reader perceives - some for fun and others intended as more informational. As companion to the ocassional technical information, there are comments and poetry about reactions one might experience. The images will likely prompt visual and emotional experiences - some subtle and some less so, for the reader.

It's all Rough Draft until you die is David's latest book. Earl, the protagonist in the story, shares his experiences of aging through journal writings, short essays and poetry. His musings, back and forth in time, are combined with story narrative. This book is a sharing of candid thoughts about segments of his life and his aging that were often stirred while sorting out his study and workshop full of life's reminders. Earl's musings often reflect the various physical and mental health aspects and the challenges of selling their home and downsizing into a smaller apartment in Olympia, Washington. These reflections are loosely based on the author’s life experiences.

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