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This site is my vehicle for sharing words and images.


Ponder this . . .

Sixth Vortex

The Sixth Vortex




I start with shameless promotion of my free eBook publications - Ponder this . . . short reflections on life a collection of my poetry and images from over five decades of living in the northeast, California and now the northwest.

And, The Sixth Vortex about the fictional discovery of a new energy vortex site near Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is known world wide for the acclaimed healing effects of the five known vortex sites in the region. Derrick who discovered the sixth vortex site, and his friend Robin, craft a book to announce this significant discovery to the world. The story weaves intrigue, science, paranormal healing references, and a smattering of romance and humor into the story thread. If successfully told, you may be left with both answers and questions on several levels.

Reflections - Do you see what you think you see? This free eBook is a collection of photo images, poetry and information about the emotional opportunities as well as the physical aspects of reflected light properties that the reader perceives - some for fun and others intended as more informational. As companion to the ocassional technical information, there are comments and poetry about reactions one might experience. The images will likely prompt visual and emotional experiences - some subtle and some less so, for the reader.

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