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About the Author

David John Mackey was born in Potsdam, NY, and grew up beside the Racquette River in Saint Lawrence County. Those early years in northern New York State instilled reverence for nature and art that continues to this day. Cameras and pencils became tools of choice for his photography, art, and writing. David lived in the Adirondack region for most of his first forty-five years. He later moved to New England and then to the San Francisco area where his writing, photography, and outdoor adventures broadened.
David is mostly self-taught which can often make for a slow learning process. His equipment was meager during his early years. His first dark room was in the cramped basement of his home in Jay, N.Y., with low headroom and a dirt floor. Cheap plastic dishpans served as developing trays, yet the magic of seeing black and white images appear on the photo paper in the trays was rich.
Years passed by, technology advanced, better equipment became affordable and image qualities improved as his journey continued. David's images have enjoyed publication, shows and exhibits, and endless hours of personal satisfaction over the years. Now, each image is a magic key which prompts his memories to an instance in time to be appreciated again, over and over. "I cannot imagine the tragic loss of those without memories" David has often mused. "My images are keys to my life-story and who I have become today."
He is now living with his wife in Washington State in Olympia at the south end of Puget Sound. He continues his photography, writing and art from his Olympia home.


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